Niki Chow falls off seat when Michael Tse touched her thighs

31 March 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Yesterday, Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Matthew Ko, Grace Wong, William Chak, Koni Lui and the rest of the cast of TVB series Sergeant Tabloid attended a promotional event.The cast played a game, where the female artists would serve the blindfolded male artists. Michael got attacked from all sides, Niki sat on his lap and fed him grapes, but Michael ended up touching her thighs and frightened her so much, she fell off.Niki claimed its been a long while since she sat on a man’s lap. She laughed: “I wanted to scream when he touched me, but we were playing a game and I couldn’t make a sound, otherwise Michael would have known its me. Actually, screaming is a normal reaction. I can’t remember how long ago was it since the last time I sat on a man’s lap. But, boyfriends aren’t just used to sit on. I currently have pursuers too, but it’s just that they aren’t right for me."Although I’m having a difficult time handling my love life, who knows, perhaps someone will come along later on! There just has been too many people asking me lately, I feel kind of stressed. (Your sister introduced any guys to you?) I think its because she heard the media talk about it too much, so she’s starting to do some work now!‘Michael complimented and then bashed Niki: “She got lighter! It was quite comfortable when she sat on me, she got slender legs and smooth skin!But when told that she had said she wanted to scream when he touched her, he responded: "Of course! How often does she get touched by men? But, I just touched her jeans! She said if the serial’s TV ratings gets over 30 points, she’ll kiss me, but I get to decide where she kisses. I still haven’t thought of where yet!‘Photos 1 to 10 show the incident involving Niki Chow, while the rest of the gallery shows possibly the most embarrassing moments of stars.

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