Niki Chow admits to dating Jeremy Jones

29 September 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

34-year-old Niki Chow and 28-year-old actor Jeremy Jones fist met when shooting nowTV's costume drama The Virtuous Queen of Han.

Mingpao reports that it was rumored that the two are already dating, but they both denied that.

However, Niki and Jeremy were spotted on a date in Shanghai and were holding hands.

Niki finally admitted to the reporters that she and Jeremy have been dating for a month.

She expressed she didn't have many scenes opposite of Jeremy in the series, but their relationship got closer after filming ended.

Niki feels her boyfriend is ambitious, mature and doesn't have any bad habits.

Niki said: "I'm currently very, very happy. Thank you all for the concern on my love life. This time, I hope to just enjoy dating life like a normal person."

As for Jeremy, when speaking of his girlfriend, he expressed he likes how she frequently brings happiness to others, gives him confidence and encouragement.

He admitted he had already met Niki's parents once.

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