Nick Cheung's killer body: His pee had foam that was an inch thick

30 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Nick Cheung recently posed for the cover of JET magazine. His "display of power" was truly incredible. Many online questioned whether the photo was fake, reports Mingpao. Nick said, "Many don't believe it's me. Earlier due to UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) I had to get into fighting shape with a hellish training regime. Everyday, I had almost 30 egg whites. I had so much protein that my urine had bubbles that were an inch thick and I had to flush several times. "The worst part was the dehydration level. Every time I drank water I could only wet the corners of my mouth so the body would absorb the water and make the curves stand out."When I went to urinate I only had a few drops, which were brown. My face kept breaking out in acne. It was truly very scary." Nick said that the production made him cry for help. He joked that in his 20 year career he has never panicked when he heard the director yell "places". He said, "Soon after the production began, I broke my pinky in one scene. Originally I was already in a lot of pain. "However every shot in which I had to punch the punching bag, it really hurt too much!" Because the training process was too tough, Nick joked that he was unwilling to be "big guy" again.View more photos of Nick Cheung and stars with hot bodies in the gallery below.

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