Nick Cheung's finger becomes a 'Z' after filming accident

4 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung recently clinched his eighth Best Actor honour in Shanghai, China.Unbeatable, the film for which he won his latest award, will only hit theatres in August, but it has already won acclaim on the award circuit, reports The Daily Chilli.Nick plays a downtrodden, debt-ridden boxing champion has-been in the film. His compelling performance aside, his ripped torso‘”an outcome of the rigorous training for the movie‘”became the talk of the town. Even Wong Jing poked fun at him, saying that Nick "makes every guy in Hong Kong look bad".Even the actor himself had a hard time adjusting to how much a beefcake he had become.Nick, known for his all-out intensity in acting, once again did it for Dante in their third reunion, sustaining a severe injury on his left pinky when filming Unbeatable."A stuntman accidentally kicked me and I broke my finger. It became sort of like a 'Z'. I was worried as we had only begun shooting. Doctors told me that I shouldn't do any more fight scenes or training. But even if you stop for only two days, it affects your overall performance. The car was already moving and I couldn't just stop like that," he recalled.So, he went ahead, relying on physiotherapy and Chinese medicine to treat his wound. When filming was over, he finally had the, time to have a surgery."They sliced open my finger and saw a lot of scars in there. Doctors said it's because I didn't treat it at once and kept training. A finger has many nerves and it's one of the hardest parts to recover," he explained.Till now he is unable to bend nor hold his pinky straight‘”something that Nick laughed about. "If it never heals, I would surely think of this movie every time I see my pinky," he joked.Related story:Nick Cheung's killer body: His pee had foam that was an inch thick

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