Nick Cheung apologises to wife, watches adult videos after intimate scenes with transgender co-star

4 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

The White Storm's film premiere was attended by Nick Cheung, Elanne Kong, Adam Cheng and many other stars attended.

That night, it was Nick's 49th birthday and the event organizers pushed out a birthday cake to celebrate with him. Then Nick gave his on-screen mother Law Lan a kiss.

When speaking of the other two lead actors Louis Koo and Sean Lau, they were absent because they were both promoting overseas, Nick laughed:

"I knew they couldn't make it, I said I wouldn't come either and scared the director to death." In the film, Nick had many intimate scenes with a transsexual artist from Thailand (Nong Poy).

When speaking of the recent political unrest in Thailand, had Nick ask Poy about it? He said: "No, it should be fine. She's not a friendly person either! She's not someone who goes out a lot. Should be safe."

When speaking of Nick and Poy's many kissing scenes, Nick frankly expressed that he was struggling for a week before the shoot, reports Oriental Daily.

"Because I knew about Poy's background, I respect her, but humans are still sensible animals after all and its because there was respect for her that the shoot was very thorough.

"I had a shock inside too, but I don't really want to talk about it too much. I'm afraid people may misunderstand me, that I dislike transsexuals.

After I finished shooting the film, I went back to watch AVs to remind myself of my sexual orientation."

He expressed earlier he and Poyd had a hot and sexy photo shoot, and did apologize to his wife Esther Kwan after.

"I asked if she's on fire? She said the fire's coming! But I know she understands, she knows I have appropriate behavior."

Also, Elanne Kong initially guest starred in the film as Nick's girlfriend, but unfortunately the relationship got cut, but she was still grateful the director gave her a chance to guest star.

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