Nicholas Tse broke down twice on road to tough reunion with Faye Wong

28 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Nicholas Tse's recent reconciliation with Faye Wong -- after 11 years of separation -- has been the subject of talk in the media recently.

According to Asian Pop News, their on-off relationship had been so unforgettable that Nicholas had shed tears twice for her.

In 2003, Tse reportedly broke down at a press conference. It was his second breakup with Faye after reuniting in June. He was reportedly sobbing in a corner at the hotel, oblivious to people around him.

It delayed the press conference and he got an earful from his manager Mani. He then suppressed his emotions to attend the conference.

Throughout these 11 years, the pair reportedly did not keep in touch as they both had their families. It was until March this year that Faye's good friend, Vicki Zhao, agreed to be a guest on Nicholas' cooking show, 'Chef Nic'.

Vicki then suggested a meal with Faye for both of them to catch up. To their surprise, Faye initiated to be a guest on Nicholas' show as well.

Upon hearing this, Nicholas Tse immediately shed tears as he did not expect that Faye would still care for him. 

As both of them are divorced and have children, it was not an easy reconciliation. 

Faye has also disclosed that they just reconciled purely for love, and are not considering marriage. They just want to accompany each other as they grow old. 

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