Netizen wishes Anita Yuen will get bitten by dogs and contract rabies

22 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Animal lovers protested the annual dog meat festival in China. Held recently in Yulin, Guangzi, dogs were packed into cages before being slaughtered and cooked. Many celebrities who own dogs have slammed the controversial festival, calling it cruel and inhumane.

Oriental Daily via Asianpopnews reports that on her beloved dog’s birthday, Anita Yuen posted on Weibo, “Bring Gold’s [name of her dog] birthday wish is not to see the dog meat festival again, and that everyone in the family is healthy.”

Anita’s statement drew some unexpectedly extreme remarks from netizens. Some criticised her for breaking the rice bowl of dog meat vendors, while others posted nasty remarks such as, “You don’t eat dog meat, but you still eat other meat”; “X your mother”; “Dog lover, I wish that you will be bitten by dogs and contract rabies.”

Anita said:

“I don’t understand why a civilised society will do such uncivilised thing? I understand that everyone has the right to choose, but dogs are humans’ best friends. Take me for an example, I have raised Bring Gold for a year, and it understands me very well.

"We should not hurt these cute animals. Put in bluntly, people do not know where these dogs come from. Some could have been eating garbage for their entire lives. If we slaughter them for food, we don’t know if there would be any chain reaction.”

Anita also responded to netizens’ hostility.

“I know that I do not have the right to stop it, but I can do what I wish to do. Weibo is an avenue to express my feelings. I hope that more people can be aware of this incident.”

Other celebrities, such Charlene Choi and Bernice Liu have also jumped in to blast the dog meat festival.

Anita Yuen
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