Naomi Neo and Jianhao hit back at criticism about them wasting food during Ice Bucket Challenge

25 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Local blogger Naomi Neo and YouTube star Jianhao have responded to criticism about them wasting food during their Ice Bucket Challenge.

The couple had uploaded a video of them doing the challenge on YouTube not long ago, in which they poured ice -- along with other food items -- on each other.

Stomper SoMuchCharity had alerted Stomp to the video and shared sentiments about how the bloggers were wasting food. The posting also triggered several other outraged comments lashing out at the two youths, with some calling them 'attention-seeking'.

Both have since responded to the criticism on their Instagram pages.

Jianhao, who uploaded a screenshot of the original Stomp posting, defended his actions.

In his posting, he said that if he had wanted attention, he would have "taken a crap at Holland V MRT", referring to the infamous incident in which a woman was caught relieving herself at the said location on Aug 13.

His Instagram post was then reposted by Naomi on her own profile, who also chipped in with her own opinions about the incident.

Read their full postings in the gallery below.
(Photos: Naomi Neo's Instagram, YouTube screengrab)

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