Nancy Wu's steamy scenes provoke startled cries at 2014 FilmArt exhibition

27 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Audiences were surprised to see normally prim understated Nancy Wu play the part of the seductress at FilmArt 2014 on Mar 24.

Clad only in a black bra, she was seen seducing Bosco Wong in the promotional trailer for her new drama The Ultimate Addiction.

While Nancy had played sultry characters in the past, this is considered a first for her.

In the film, Bosco and Nancy play a married couple. As an executive in a finance company, Nancy plays a part in her husband's career.

The pair start off loving, with a scene where Nancy is seen straddling Bosco in a chair while slipping off her lingerie, leaving her in only her black bra.

Kate Tsui is the proverbial spanner in the works in their relationship. She plays a former cop who gets close to Bosco in order to investigate and exact vengeance on her father’s death.

In order to win Nancy's trust, she pretends to be a lesbian to seduce her. Nancy traps Kate against a wall and forcefully kisses her on the lips in one scene, leaving her stunned.

The explicit scenes drew startled gasps from the watching audience, who seemed surprised to see Nancy take on such a different role.

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