Nancy Sit receives $1,600 'fee' from fan -- to help him win the heart of Stephy Tang

27 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Upon receiving a mysterious envelope addressed to her that had the Buddhism mantra 'Namo Amitabha' written on it, Nancy Sit was thrown into greated doubt when she found a red packet with HK$10,000 (S$1,630) in it, along with a photo of a man and a letter from him.

According to an Oriental Daily report via Asian Fanatics, the letter from the man, known only as Mr Liu, was addressed to Sit, asking her to help matchmake him with fellow actress Stephy Tang, who he has a massive crush on.

The money in the red packet was apparently a fee to reward Sit for her help.

Speaking to the media at a promotional event, Sit said: "He looked like he was over 30 years old, had a neat and normal look, and claimed to be Stephy's 'Mr. Right', who he has had a fancy for since 2007.

"He begged me to introduce her to him as a friend and that he'll marry Stephy in the future. He even said Eric Tsang, Alan Tam and Kenny Bee would also each get HK$10,000, along with a meal at a Buddhist vegetarian eatery."

Despite his compassionate plea, Nancy stressed she will not help him.

"I really thanked him for trusting me, but I cannot accept his money. I will find a way to get in touch with him and give the money back.

"I don't even know him and I'm not close with Stephy either. She's dating Alex Fong and they're apparently getting married.

"Even though I contacted Alex, who is currently working in Mainland, to invite him back for an interview, I didn't mention this issue to him."

Nancy also believed the sender was truly intent on being friends with Stephy, and that he had no other ulterior motive.

She plans to send her assistant out to personally give the cash and the letters back to the sender within the next day.

When Stephy was told of this incident, she laughed about it.

She said: "Does this mean I'm worth only HK$10,000? I was laughing so hard when Alex told me about it.

"I heard from my assistant before that there was a Buddhist fan who frequently contacts her because he wanted to meet me (so) I think he's the same person, but I have never seen him before.

She also said she was not scared of such a persistent fan, though she's worried he will trouble other people.

"I've received similar letters before, the sender would fantasize marrying me or I get some letters scolding my rumors with other guys.

"Actually, he isn't really crazy or psychotic or anything. He's just using a tranquil method to tell me he wants to meet me. If he really does support me, join my fan club or attend some of the events I'm attending," she added.

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