Myolie Wu not ready to sacrifice herself over prospect of raising children

3 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Myolie Wu has indicated that she is not ready to entertain the thought of having kids in her life as it may come at the expense of time for herself.

In a Mingpao interview, the Hong Kong actress said that while she is keen to settle down with a partner, the prospect of starting a family together makes her anxious.

"Its not that I don't like children, (but) I think having children is a big responsibility," she said.

"I enjoy working more, at least I know how to handle it."

She gave an example of a mother who makes dolls: "Each day after she puts her children to bed, then will she have time to focus on her work.

"I don't want to have children even more after seeing her lifestyle...(for) to be a mother, you definitely have to sacrifice yourself."

Myolie also spoke on how a recent work trip to France, where she met artistes who have persisted in the same job for many years.

The meeting moved Myolie, and inspired her to follow in their footsteps by being respectful towards her work.

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