Myolie Wu in trouble for defending Sire Ma over leaked racy video scandal

31 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Sire Ma‘s explicit lingerie video has been the hottest topic in Hong Kong entertainment for the last week.

It was revealed that Sire took more sex photos and videos, and that she had a habit of sending her ex-lover steamy content over the cell phone.

Although Sire’s public image nosedived, her TVB colleagues Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan and Moses Chan have come forward to support her, reports Jayne Stars.

Sire’s lingerie video has been circulating virally since it was uploaded on the Internet. While others have passed judgement on Sire’s actions, Myolie asked netizens to do the right thing and leave Sire alone.

Myolie posted on her Weibo blog, “Imagine, what type of mistake permits a woman to suffer from such a big punishment? Imagine, how much money did she cheat? How much affection and love did she cheat?

"Imagine, if a woman doesn’t fully trust her partner, why would she go nude and unreservedly give her body to the other person? Imagine, what if this happened to you?

"Imagine, if this woman is your younger sister, your elder sister, your family member, or friend – would you still be willing to be an accomplice in this situation?”

Myolie’s post maybhave upset others, as an old sex video featuring a woman resembling Myolie was re-circulated online last week. Since the woman had a tattoo on her waist, it was proven not to be the real Myolie.


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