Myolie Wu clarifies rumours with assistant -- and says nobody wants her

21 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Although the media recently portrayed Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) as a heartbroken woman who chose a lesbian lover out of fear of men, she assured that it is definitely not the case.

At an event on June 18, Myolie made it clear that she has no lesbian interests, and is in fact waiting patiently for her Mr. Right, reports Jayne Stars.

Earlier this week, a Hong Kong tabloid ran a cover story claiming that Myolie and her new female assistant Jackie Chan are involved in a lesbian relationship. The two were seen together frequently, and even share matching cell phones.

Since Myolie has made no dating progress after her split from ex Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in 2012, the tabloid was quick to assume that she has lost trust in men and is now exploring same-sex romance.

Promoting for a jewelry store today, Myolie wore a Chinese wedding dress in red and wittily asked reporters to stop dashing her wedding dreams by encouraging the lesbian rumors.

She clarified that Jackie is just an assistant and is apologetic that she was put on magazine covers so soon after starting a new job. Myolie added that she has many gay and lesbian friends, and will not avoid Jackie just because of these baseless rumors.

She also emphasized that she is only interested in men and has not given up on love. “I am waiting for [the right guy]. It can’t be rushed. If I am unsure that a man is the right one, I would hesitate to show him off to everyone.

"I am still hopeful about men, and still believe in love. I hope that one day I will get married looking as beautiful as I am today. But I doubt the day will come if you continue to write about it. This is so sad and nobody wants me."

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