My wife threatened to divorce me due to my Candy Crush addiction: DJ Shan Wee

16 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Photos: TNP, Hot FM 91.3

Forget about using technology to improve productivity and efficiency.For Hot FM 91.3 DJ Shan Wee, 31, his gadgets are for entertainment and fun.

And they are all from Apple.

Wee, who is on air from 6am to 10am on weekdays with his co-presenter Cheryl Miles, said: “I don’t really know much about brands. For the longest time I thought Steve Jobs was Bill Gates.

“Now, I realise he is actually Ashton Kutcher with a funny walk.”

US actor Kutcher played Apple co-founder Jobs in the recent Hollywood biopic film Jobs.

The jock of Irish and Chinese descent said: “I use Mac and iPhone purely because a long time ago, I started my music collection on iTunes and now I can never change or I will lose my delicately manicured song collection.”

For a self-proclaimed “tech-tard”, Wee is quite “in with the times” with his choice of mobile games and his Apple TV.

He joked: “I just pick popular games like Angry Birds, Draw Something and Plants vs Zombies.

“I don’t use Instagram because I don’t understand it and my solution to any software problem is ‘turn it off, then turn it on’.”

Here are some of the apps and gadgets he uses:

Candy Crush
The popular game is an addiction for many and Wee is no exception.

He said: “Not sure if I find it relaxing, but it is addictive and passing a tough level is rewarding.

“I let out a girlish squeal of delight when I finally got past the life-ruining Level 140.”

The father of one, who is married to Indonesian businesswoman Artika Sulaiman, 31, admitted that his addiction has taken over his life “a little”.

“I spend so much time on Candy Crush that my wife has threatened divorce three times.

“When I reach the point in the game where I have to rely on friends to send me a progress ticket via Facebook, I hound them by SMS, threatening appalling torture if they don’t send that golden ticket the next moment they touch their phones.”

Heads Up!
Touted as the more “techy” version of word game Taboo, Wee has used Heads Up! as his game of choice at parties.

“At some parties, you want to include everyone, but the European guys, whose native language is not English, crack me up,” he said.

“There was once a friend who described actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as ‘this Hollywood man, has arms made of big muscular, and he will speak to you I will be back’.”

Pic Frame
Before returning to radio full-time in March, Wee was hooked on this picture app, creating memes of his now 13-month-old son.

“When Ciaran was just born, we were living in Bali and I had no radio job and thus no creative outlet, so all my artistry went into these random memes of my baby,” he said.

“I have a Baby Meme album on Facebook with about 80 entries and my child has been on countless movie posters and album covers.”

Apple TV
This is where he watches one of his favourite TV series, Game of Thrones.

He said: “I love the insignia, and mottos and mythology of the different families and the geography of their world.”

Wee downloads shows from the US iTunes store with his US credit card.

He said: “I like comedies such as Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and Community.

“My wife watches Dexter and Breaking Bad, which I find a little unsavoury.”

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