My life is in my iPhone

17 October 2012 / 4 years 6 days ago

Source: The New PaperKimberly Chia simply can't do without her iPhone 4.Not only does it keep her entertained, the Apple device is the main hub for the bubbly teen starlet's social media usage.Her Facebook and Twitter updates are automatically refreshed in her personal iPhone app, called Kimberly-Chia, a first for a local personality at the time of its launch inJanuary."It does everything for me," said Kimberly, 17."I tweet from my phone, I send Instagram from my phone and I update my Facebook account from my phone - my phone's very, very important."Sometimes I'm lazy to bring my camera around, so my phone takes a lot of pictures for me - I have about 1,500 pictures in it."1. IPHONE 4When she isn't taking photos or updating her app on her phone, Kimberly, who rose to fame in Channel 8's 2011 drama On The Fringe, also enjoys casual iOS games like Temple Run and Sally's Spa.An ambassador for The Games Xpo 2012 in September, she is a huge fan of Pokemon and would very much like to get her hands on a Nintendo DS after seeing some friends playing with the hand-held console while on set.However, the Apple fan is eyeing the new Samsung Galaxy S III once her contract is up for renewal instead of waiting for the long-rumoured iPhone 5.She said: "I want a change and try something new instead of using the same phone for such a long time."I'm going to miss it, though - it's been there for me all this while."2. FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 7One of Kimberly's favourite gadgets is this instant camera, a gift from a friend.She enjoys holding on to a photograph, especially when it is framed by Piglet, Kimberly's favourite Winnie the Pooh character."I keep the instant photos in my wallet and it's quite cute when you can take them out and look at them. It's better than looking at them digitally on the computer or phone."3. CANON POWERSHOT G12While she doesn't consider herself an avid photographer, Kimberly, who will be starring in the local movie Imperfect, which opens on Aug 30, uses the compact digital camera whenever she has an event.She said: "I didn't get a DSLR because it's too big."When I'm overseas, the G12 is easier to carry around, easier to use than a DSLR and, in my opinion, as good as a DSLR."It's like a professional camera for the not-so-professional."4. BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOKRounding off the list of Kimberly's favourite gadgets is her BlackBerry PlayBook. Whenever she needs a screen bigger than her iPhone's for surfing the Internet or playing games, she goes for the PlayBook.This tablet computer becomes a talking point whenever she whips it out."A lot of people go, 'Huh? What is this?' because I think people hardly know what a BlackBerry PlayBook is," said Kimberly."One of my friends wanted to get one when she saw mine."

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