Mum-to-be Joanne Peh only expects baby to arrive in July but...

1 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Singapore actress and mother-to-be Joanne Peh, 31, is already checking out YouTube videos for tips on diaper changing, reports AsiaOne via The Straits Times.

"These videos teach you how to not get squirted all over if it's a boy when changing diapers. I'm very blessed to be a mother in this era where there's a wealth of information available," says Peh, who will also be consulting her mummy friends for advice.

Peh and her actor husband Qi Yuwu made public the news of the pregnancy through a statement issued by MediaCorp on Wednesday.

Her bliss was palpable when she spoke to Life! over the telephone yesterday and one can imagine her joy when she called Qi with the good news last month.

The celebrity couple may still be in the honeymoon period of their four-month marriage, but Peh is more than happy to welcome an addition to the family.

The jubilee baby - this year is Singapore's 50th birthday - is expected to arrive in July or August.

"The baby is really special regardless of whether it's a Jubilee baby or not. It's such a blessing. It's hard to articulate. A lot of mums will tell you, you can't express in words how you feel," says Peh, who is planning a natural birth.

She hopes her baby will inherit qualities from her and Qi. "I hope our baby will have our playful personalities, as well as his romantic personality and, hopefully, my analytical and organisational skills."

So do they prefer a boy or a girl? And how many kids do they plan to have?

Peh says in jest: "As long as the baby is healthy, we will let nature take its course. This is not like buying a mobile phone where I can choose a silver 16GB."

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