Movie projects unable to wrap up productions due to Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan's arrests

20 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Movie productions might be affected due to the drug arrest of Taiwan's Kai Ko and Hong Kong's Jaycee Chan in Beijing, China.

Police seized more than 100 grams of cannabis from Chan's house, in a swoop which also saw a Taiwanese actor known as Kai Ko detained on drug charges

The case was currently under investigation.

According to HK Top Ten, Kai Ko Chen-Tung has been placed under administrative detention for 14 days.

Jaycee Chan has quite a sizable role in upcoming movie "The Monk" but comes short of wrapping up the productions due to the arrest.

No one knows if the release date for Kai Ko and Bai Biahe's "Monsters Heart" will be affected.

Some netizens even joked that Ko's role in "Tiny Times 3" came to life as he was put behind bars just like in the film.

Three days ago, Ko's manager suddenly found him uncontactable, and heard rumours about his arrest. It was only two days later that the Beijing Public Security Bureau confirmed that Ko was arrested for drugs.

Yesterday, Beijing News stated that this case "may involve a criminal offense" and "not simply a drug related public security case".

According to Mainland laws, anyone who traffics more than 50 grams of drugs can be sentenced to the maximum penalty of death and the minimum penalty of 3 to 5 years in prison. 

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Movie projects unable to wrap up productions due to Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan's arrests

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