Move aside Nick: Kwok Keung's 6-pack physique earns praises

8 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

As the 45-year-old Nick Cheung graced headlines with his 6-pack physique, 56-year-old “KK‘ Cheung Kwok Keung is also making eyes wander toward his toned body.Apple Daily reported that on TVB’s romantic comedy Slow Boat Home, KK portrays Ching Sir, the athletic father of Ruco Chan’s character, Fit Wing.Guest character Maggie, portrayed by Oceane Zhu, falls in love with Ching Sir and longs for his affections. She attempts to seduce Ching Sir under various circumstances, but to no avail.In a recent episode, Maggie confronts Ching Sir about her love in the bathroom, but Ching Sir dismisses her, exclaiming that he only loves his wife.The mentally unstable Maggie then grabs Ching Sir’s wife Lin, portrayed by Angelina Lo, and threatens to kill her.The shirtless Ching Sir and a fully dressed Fit Wing tackled the thinly-dressed Maggie to the couch.Netizens captured screenshots of the rambunctious sequence and uploaded it online.These set of screen caps are currently being widely circulated on the Internet, and some netizens presumed to add fake dialogue on the screen caps as well.Viewers lauded KK’s “career line‘ and toned body, joking that he had sacrificed much for TVB. KK explained that he regularly exercises and hopes to influence others his age to do so as well.Check out the photos, of beefed-up Nick Cheung and other stars with hot bods in the gallery below!

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