Moses Chan opens up about his wife's rumoured pregnancy

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago
Moses Chan and Aimee Chan exchanged marriage vows in Paris on June 11 in a small private ceremony witnessed by family and several friends.
Currently three-months pregnant, Aimee is under the care of her parents in Toronto.

The couple will continue their marital celebration by holding a wedding banquet in Toronto.

Since Aimee’s father, Mr.Chan, is a successful restaurateur in Toronto and Hong Kong with numerous entertainment industry contacts, the Chans wished to include their friends in Aimee’s wedding celebration.

Shaw Brothers executive, Wong Ka Hei confirmed that the banquet will be held on July 17, reports Popular Asians.

After getting married, Moses returned to Hong Kong, making various commercial appearances to contribute towards the family fund.

At an earlier skincare brand promotion, Moses gladly answered questions about his wife’s rumoured pregnancy despite being reluctant to officially confirm the expectancy news himself.

“Not ready [to announce it] yet,‘ said Moses as he shook his head.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, everyone!‘ The 42-year-old expressed that Aimee is “eating well, resting well, and very healthy.

‘ When does Moses plan to visit Aimee? “I’m not sure! Maybe after I finish my work in Hong Kong‘¦.

Can’t say when.

Don’t want you guys to follow me!‘, If the pregnancy is true, that means Aimee must cut back on her coffee! “[She] can’t drink it! What else does she have to cut? Tea.

There are some teas that she can’t drink.

Limit the sashimi consumption too.

‘ Have they hired a babysitter yet? “Not yet‘¦ that fast?‘ Asked if they have discussed about how to raise their child, Moses laughed and shook his head.

“No! We haven’t even hired a babysitter yet!‘ Has he stocked up his baby products yet? “I don’t understand any of it! I still have many things left to learn.

After I’m finished with my work, I will start learning.‘
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