Is Moses Chan intending to settle down with Aimee Chan soon?

27 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Moses Chan has been dating Aimee Chan for almost two years, and is often doing things to please her.Earlier, Moses flew all the way to Malaysia just to visit her while she was there shooting the TVB drama series Outbound Love.Moses said that he is someone with a "stable nature" and "enjoys buying homes that holds value".Moses is currently living in the Bellagio located in Sham Tseng, where he is rumoured to be staying together with his girlfriend.However, as that unit is a rental flat, Moses started the search for a new home last year, targeting the beautiful Hong Kong island district.Unfortunately, things did not work out.However, according to an Oriental Daily report, Moses has already made the decision to buy a HK$33 million (S$5.25m) single family home -- measuring about 4,000 sq ft -- in The Beverly Hills area located in Tai Po, thus paving the road for his marriage. Since Moses and Aimee started dating, the couple had always paid special attention to their privacy.Last November, a bystander spotted the couple on their secret vacation in France; their picture was taken while they were at the Le Louvre (Paris Museum) and was posted online.However, their trip was considered top secret. Also, the paparazzi captured Aimee feeding Moses in the house. This time, Moses found a, luxury single family home, the paparazzi will no longer be able to capture them on camera that easily. Last night, Moses responded over the phone. He avoided the question of whether he bought the home in preparation to marry Aimee. He said: "Yes, today I did go look at homes, but I don't want to comment too much now."Buying a home is considered planning for my future. Whether the home is used for investment or living, that is part of the scope of my plans and the reason why I'm buying a home."After all, I'm using it for myself!"

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