More details about Cecilia Cheung's new millionaire BF

21 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Cecilia Cheung has found a new boyfriend in film investor and Mainland millionaire, 47-year-old Sun Donghai.

It was reported that he generously gifted Cecilia with a 60 million RMB house near the Beijing airport, to allow Cecilia to have a comfortable place to stay during her trips to China.

In late January, mainland paparazzi followed Cecilia to Beijing, where she attended a celebrity event. Cecilia left the party earlier than expected, going straight to Sun Donghai’s mansion.

The paparazzi camped out at the mansion for several days, and saw Cecilia and Sun going back to the mansion together several times, reports PopularAsians.

On one occasion, Cecilia brought a large pack of red wine to the mansion. Sun was seen with his hand around her waist. The couple was also photographed shopping with Cecilia’s two sons, Lucas and Quintus earlier.

According to various reports, Sun and Cecilia met through Nicholas’ father, Patrick Tse, many years ago. 

Sun is very close to the Tse family, and Nicholas refers to him as “uncle”.

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