More companies reveal having problems with Clara

2 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

The Korean Entertainment Management Association made an announcement that the organization has decided to suspend Clara in light of her current issues within the entertainment business in Korea.

Since getting into a tussle with her agency, Polaris Entertainment, a string of issues also cropped up and it seems that more are coming up as companies are starting to expose their own problems with Clara as well.

According to Kpopstarz, the controversy about Clara has reached the attention of the KEMA so they looked into it. As a result of their inquiry, the association decided to halt all of Clara's activities in Korea.

Moreover, before making the announcement, the association explained that their decision was not hasty as they had actually issued a warning on Clara before. She was advised about her contract issues with her former agency, before signing with Polaris.

But despite their warning, another issue on her contract had surfaced so with that, they are discussing as to what kind of disciplinary case which they can take against Clara if she continues to promote publicly without resolving the issues or reflecting.

Then again, they emphasized that they are not completely banning her from working in Korea but they only want her to settle the matters first before starting her activities again to avoid more consequences.

Here's a section of KEMA's official statement issued on January 28:

"Korean Entertainment Management Association's special organization, the Rewards and Punishment Mediation Ethics Committee, has adopted the important matter in relation to Clara, actress of popular culture and arts, that has recently broken out and express its ethical stance in order to help the wholesome development of the Korean entertainment business.

"While the results of the investigation have not been released yet, Clara, as an involved party of the dispute that has arisen from a problem involving her contract with the agency and is becoming a controversy, can been seen as an even more severe problem as the situation is receiving a lot of public criticism from society and the sensitive topic of sexual humiliation is especially becoming a public controversy; therefore, the aftermath could have an impact on even the public.

"As a Korean star and an involved party of the incident that has become a problem, Clara should have garnered the understanding from the public for her activities as a celebrity, respected that, and as a public figure, should have sincerely taken responsibility and behaved with self-discipline, but she has not sufficiently led with that, so we believe we she must refrain herself from continuing her activities as an entertainer in this kind of circumstance."

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