Mollie King enjoys time with pet pooch Alfie

30 January 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Mollie King keeps her dog as company while her boyfriend is out of the country.

The Saturday's star says living with her "other man" - her pet dog Alfie - has taught her to become more independent whilst spending long periods of time apart from her American boyfriend Jordan Omley, whom she has been in a long distance relationship with since last April.

Mollie - who lives on her own in a London flat - told the March issue of UK's Cosmopolitan magazine:

"I can be quite high maintenance in relationships. I was single for a year before Jordan and you do get used to living like that. I live with my other man - my dog Alfie - and I'm quite independent."

Although Mollie has found love with her new beau, she has endured a string of break ups in recent years including Lawson frontman Andy Brown and model, David Gandy, but she insists she has remained cordial with all her exes.

The 26-year-old beauty explained: "It's really hard when it's fresh; you can't go from being in love to friends overnight. I've always had to take time apart after the break-up.

"When they're with somebody new and you're single that really hurts, but it's easier when you move on."

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