Moans and grunts heard from Calvin Chen's room every night while filming Michelle Chong's movie

8 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Taiwanese singer-actor Calvin Chen's rock hard abs and bulky biceps do not appear overnight. According to his 3 Peas In A Pod movie co-star Alexander Lee Eusebio, Chen works out in his bedroom "every night".

Speaking to reporters at a press conference at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday, Eusebio said with a laugh that he could hear "strange grunting noises" coming from Chen's bedroom every night when they were filming in Australia, reports ST Communities.

The 25-year-old K-pop idol of Korean, Chinese and Portuguese descent said in a mix of Mandarin and English: "We all stayed in the same house and I would hear Calvin go 'ooo' and moan and grunt. I was always wondering what he was doing, and then I realised that he was doing push-ups."

Chen, 32, said in Mandarin that it is his "habit" to work out whenever he can, but even more so for this movie as he had a shirtless scene to shoot. "There was no gym so I had to bring some fitness equipment along with me to work on my abs."

Eusebio and Chen are the male leads of 3 Peas In A Pod, actress Michelle Chong's second directorial outing, which opens on Nov 14.

The film also stars Singaporean newcomer Jae Liew, 23, who plays the girl caught in between a love triangle with the two boys.

Chong, 36, said that even though all three leads are movie newbies, their performances are "so good that it will surprise you".

She added: "While doing film editing, I found myself pleasantly surprised time and again over how well they did. They were really very professional. They may look like the good-looking idol types, but when they start performing, they are professional actors."

Chen and Eusebio have acted in a handful of TV dramas before, but never in movies. Liew has never acted before.

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