Miss Hong Kong 2013: Whitney refutes rumour that she worked as private model

16 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Miss Hong Kong 2013 contestant Whitney Law refuted the rumour that she worked as a private model.

According to Apple Daily, the 20 contestants for the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant gathered together today to attend a blessing ceremony held to prepare for the pageant’s forthcoming overseas photography shoot. Due to their Christian backgrounds, contestants #6 Moon Lau (劉佩玥), #8 Susan Tse (謝海珊), and #17 Grace Chan (陳凱琳) did not participate in the blessing ritual.

The 2013 pageant will follow last year’s successful Miss Hong Kong Pageant format, in which the show will be displayed like a reality TV series and contestants will be eliminated one by one. The final winners will be chosen by the Hong Kong audience.

Through the drawing of lots, the beauty contestants drew out the cities where they will travel to for their photoshoot, which will occur over the next few weeks. The cities include Athens, Bangkok, Beijing, Chaozhou, Moscow, Paris, Seoul, and Taipei.

Contestants Grace Chan, #1 Kendy Cheung (張敬仁), and #11 Summer Ng (吳瑋雯), departed for Paris. #2 Whitney Law (羅紫君), #9 Virginir Lau (劉溫馨), and #19 Natalie Siu (蕭穎詩) will leave for Seoul on July 23. Susan Tse (謝海珊) and #16 Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓) will be leaving for Chaozhou.

Chaozhou, a city in eastern Guangdong, China, is about six hours away from Hong Kong by bus. Asked if Susan felt disheartened in going to a city so close to home, she said, “I’m not unhappy. I’ve been to many other places already, such as Paris. I came from overseas, so I did not have many opportunities to travel in Asia. I’m excited!”

Seventeen of their fellow contestants bid Kendy, Summer, and Grace farewell at the airport. The trio were leaving for their photoshoot in Paris, and will be staying in the city of fashion for six days.

Kendy revealed that the contestants had to learn how to apply their own makeup, and that she had been taking two weeks’ worth of makeup lessons beforehand.

Asked if the girls would have some time for some shopping, Kendy expressed that their schedule is tight and they will most likely not have time to do so, but added that she had already exchanged currency just in case.

Grace disclosed that the girls were given the chance to choose their own locations for the photoshoot, but TVB ordered the contestants to keep quiet about their destinations.

A source leaked to Apple Daily that Whitney Law used to do part-time work as a “private model.” Whitney clarified that while she did model for a photographer friend when she was in high school for free, she never worked as a private model and shot down the rumor as false. 

Asked if she had offended anybody, Whitney expressed, “I’m calm about it. Maybe it’s not true. It should not be true.” Why did Whitney sound so unsure of herself? “I’ve never read that report, but I am positive that I’ve never received money for private modeling.”

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