Miriam Yeung throws big party to celebrate Best Actress win

3 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

After winning the the Best Actress title for her role in Love in the Buff at this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, Miriam Yeung thanked the cast and the crew of the movie with a big dinner, and even took turns singing with Linda Wong Hing Ping and Susan Shaw Yam Yam. TVB News World reported that Miriam invited director Pang Ho Cheung, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Wong Hing Ping and others to the celebration as well.Seeing how excited Miriam was at co-star Yan Wenxuan's baby, Yue Man Lok joked that the third installment could add a baby character.Isabel Chan Yat Ning, who played Miriam's best friend in the movie, made an appearance despite her pregnancy.Man Lok joked, "Proving that this film is great for making babies, if you want a child then come and make it! Next film doesn't need me, I am not having a child yet!" Miriam felt that this was more like a appreciation dinner for her teacher.She also said that she forgot to thank Yue Man Lok and felt guilty about it. "The director said that this time I am dead! Yue Man Lok is very petty, crossing him is a big deal."

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