The military offences that 7 K-pop celebs were jailed over

29 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

The Ministry of Defense had announced that they'd be punishing the celebrities for their misbehavior when they announced the abolition of the celebrity recruits, and the Ministry has finally revealed their decision.

Private Choi (Se7en) and Private Lee (Sangchu), who left the dorms without permission to get a massage, have been sentenced to 10 days in military jail. Five celebrity recruits are being sentenced to 4 days of military jail for having a cellphone. The last soldier is being sentenced to 10 days of probation in confinement because he left to watch a movie after hours.

The Ministry of Defense said, "The two soldiers first went to get a massage after their concert. They went to a Chinese massage parlor and then a Thai massage parlor, but they were closed, so they then went to 2 massage parlors that were still open late at night. However, they came out right away when they realized what kind of place it was. We decided that they were aiming to get a massage and had no intentions in participating in prostitution. However, we sentenced them to military jail because they broke the rules of not wearing the military uniform as well as leaving the dorms without permission."

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