Michelle Chen does not mind being set up with Louis Koo

16 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Taiwan E-News GossipMichelle Chen yesterday attended a Cartier diamond jewelry event. "In real life, I have received a diamond ring once. My boyfriend at the time gave it to me, but it wasn't a marriage proposal." Sandra Ng Kwan Yu on a Taiwan program said that she played matchmaker and set up Michelle Chen and Louis Koo Tin Lok for dinner three times. Michelle Chen said, "She was just joking. I would ask Kwan Yu to dinner, if she asks Koo Tin Lok, I won't resist; he is an actor who I admire, I hope to have a chance to work with him." Michelle Chen felt love had no distance, skin colour or nationality difference, she was not afraid about being classified as left over. She would work hard first and wait for the real deal to appear. Some online felt that her movie RIPPLES OF DESIRE (FA YEUNG)'s costumes were less than pleasing and thus the film performed poorly at the box office. Michelle Chen said, "I would accept everyone's opinions, we were trying something different. Every movie would have its lacking spots, everyone would improve. This was a costume film in Taiwan after over 10 years, I hope to make even better ones in the future." She was not worried that she would become a box office poison and hoped to make even better films.

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