Michael Tse says Niki Chow has 'no figure'

11 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Michael Tse has been teasing Sergeant Tabloid co-star Niki Chow about her stick-thin figure.According to an Oriental Daily report, Michael Tse and Niki Chow attended a promotional event for the TVB series yesterday (Mar 10). Niki attended the event in her policewoman uniform, but that just had Michael teasing her that she has no figure. Michael compared Niki unfavourably to Becky Lee, who had recently appeared in a bikini on a TVB travel show and showed off her outstanding figure. The duo were bashing each other nonstop at the promotion. Michael teased Niki that she had no figure, while Niki bashed him back saying he "has no material". Michael disagreed, revealing that he had a scene in the series where he goes undercover as a 'duck' (gigolo) and gets 'date raped' by Becky Lee. He said, "Of course Becky Lee is better than Niki Chow. You can just go randomly find a few more girls and they'll still be better than her! I really do have to go catch the show online then. If the show had Niki, I would just skim through it." When Oceane Zhu and Becky were introduced on stage, Michael just wouldn't let Niki go, he continued to tease her: "Just look at how gentle the other two are, they have legs and everything is just bigger than yours." Niki refuted: "You're scum both in the series and in real life!" 

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