Meet the winners of the Gangnam Style Contest

1 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Meet the winners of the Gangnam Style Contest, where we invited you to show us your flashiest moves while dancing to Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style.The top prize was taken by Valerie Song, 24, who made a video with her two brothers while on a holiday. Calling themselves the Song Sibs, they performed the iconic horse dance throughout Europe and Africa. They even convinced their tour group to participate in a flash mob outside a pub in Portugal.Valerie, her sister Felicia, 25, and her brother Rexford, 19, won for themselves Harvey Norman gift vouchers worth $300.Consolation prizes went to the remaining five entrants:Dave Ulmer for his underwater Gangnam Style, Erwin Lee who showed how Gangnam Style could be done by his young daughters, Ronald Gutierrez for toddler Yong Yong and his backup dancer parents, Lim Chiaowoon for a rap rendition starring his son and Jason Raj for Oppa Indian Style.Check out all their individual entries in the links below:The 'Annoying Youth' does 'Oppa India Style', filmed in Little IndiaCheck out toddler Yong Yong and his backup dancer parentsThe Song Siblings did the Gangnam Style across Europe and Africa, and even involved their tour mates in a flash mobA quartet of sisters, who call themselves the Lee Dynasty, give their original take on the Gangnam Style crazeLet The Happy Cousins dazzle you with their latest online offering -- a Gangnam Style dance, and with a rap track as wellWatch Dave and his diving buddy, Jeffrey, go under the sea...Gangnam Style

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