Meet Singapore's very own 'Charlie's Angels'

29 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

New Channel 5 crime drama series Mata Mata is headed by a trio of female police officers played by Daniella Sya, Nadiah M. Din and Cheryl Wee. These aren’t your typical leading ladies, but they have managed to score big roles in the show.

The New Paper speaks to them ahead of the Mata Mata premiere on National Day

Nadiah M. Din

As a Suria actress, she has taken on a variety of roles ranging from feminine to funny and fierce.

Nadiah M. Din made audiences hate her for playing a conniving nightclub hostess in Anak Metropolitan last year and catty sorority sister Maya in 2011’s Step Puteri. But she made them laugh with her comedic portrayal of schoolgirl Haryati in 2012’s Balik Sekolah.

She is now taking on another challenging role as the timid-turned-independent police officer Hani Rahmat in Mata Mata.

This is Nadiah’s first lead role on Channel 5, but it’s not her first time working in an English-language production.

She has previously acted as domestic helpers in two crime television series, In Cold Blood and Code of Law.

The 23-year-old, who said she was invited for an audition after being recommended by Suria, was certain she would not land the role.

“I left the audition room with a bad feeling. I managed to cry in character, but didn’t feel like I got into it enough,” she said.

She felt that her role as Hani allowed her to tap into the previous characters she had played.

“It’s a mature role – a mix of everything that I ever acted as. Hani is independent, a little bit catty and also funny,” she said.

In Mata Mata, Hani also develops a romantic interest in the good-looking Inspector Sadeeq, played by fellow Suria actor Erwin Shah Dawson.

Erwin is not the only male in the cast who is easy on the eye. Mata Mata also boasts an ensemble of hot male stars like Paul Foster, George Young, Jason Godfrey and Daren Tan.

Is Nadiah fearful of rumours that might follow, especially since she was caught up in the Bobby Tonelli and Joanne Peh break-up saga earlier this year?

The grapevine had fingered her as the third party responsible for the very public break-up. But she put those rumours to rest in an interview with The New Paper.

“To be honest, I’m never afraid of rumours. If you remain grounded and true to yourself, you never have to be afraid of what others think of you,” she said.

Nadiah, who has a 26-year-old German boyfriend, said that he is also not worried.

“He teases me all the time about the other guys, calling them my boyfriends, but that’s just the way we joke... It doesn’t matter to me because with him I can just be myself and that's why I like being in this relationship,” she said.

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