Meet the real-life Cinderellas of showbiz who married into wealthy families

14 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Kate Middleton is not the only commoner who is enjoying a fairy-tale life after marrying her Prince. It seems there are starlets in the show business who are enjoying similar fairy-tale happy endings after marrying their wealthy beaus.

43-year-old Michelle Reis had won the envy of many women with her successful career as a former beauty queen, model and actress. Her life got even better when she caught the eye, and heart, of one of heirs of Hong Kong's most prominent families.

Her current husband, Julien Hui, was so enamoured with Reis that he divorced his wife of 16 years, Pansy Ho, daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho, to be with Reis, said various reports online.

The couple are enjoying married life with the latest addition to their family, a baby boy.

Cantopop singer and actress Gigi Lai, dubbed the 'Goddess of Beauty', is married to businessman tycoon Patrick Ma.

The road to a 'Tai Tai' lifestyle did not come with positive headlines from the media , unlike Michelle Reis.

Patrick Ma, though heir of a publishing empire, is described as having neither the looks or age, said various Chinese media. He even walks with a crutch.

When they got married, Hong Kong media even splashed on their headlines: 'Gigi Lai marries disabled millionaire', reported The New Paper.

Despite the negativity from the press, Lai is unfazed. The 42-year-old former actress defended her husband to Chinese press Mingpao, saying: 'I am thankful to have found someone who loves me and with whom I can share my life with.'

Today, the couple is enjoying marital bliss with three daughters, including a set of twins.

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