Meet K-pop's prettiest... man

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

No Min Woo's recent pictures on his Twitter prove he's probably the prettiest male Korean celeb ever -- possibly prettier than a good many female stars too.According to a report, he had posted the pictures with the caption, “Tomorrow’s another day, so today I’m pushing myself to keep going. My album’s coming out soon. My heart’s beating faster.‘As expected, netizens went crazy over the pictures. “He’s sexier than a woman!‘ said one, while another said, “Is this a man or a woman?‘In response to pictures of his washboard abs, netizens exclaimed, “His sculpted abs are a masterpiece,‘ and “His face is so womanly but his body is unmistakably a man's.‘It seems No is keen to court speculation over his gender bending rumours, which should generate interest for the upcoming release of his album in July.Pics 1-6 show No Min Woo, while the rest show other gender-bending Korean stars

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