Meet the J-pop singer who's like no other

31 October 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Nicholas Edwards may look like your average all-American youth, but he's got a most unusual career: He is a J-pop singer.

According to a report on, the 20-year-old began studying Japanese in the US because he found the alphabet fascinating.

He later discovered a penchant for Japanese music after reading translated song lyrics.

The real turning point came when he spent three months in Tokyo and Fukuroi as part of a cultural exchange.

For the next two years, he dedicated himself to Japanese studies and saved up money for his dream.

Five months before graduating, he bought a one-way ticket to Tokyo for the day after his graduation in June 2010.

Once in Japan, Edwards posted videos of himself singing on YouTube.

A TV station soon contacted him about appearing on "Nodo Jiman Za! World," a show similar to American Idol, but for foreigners who sing in Japanese.

Edwards took third place on his first attempt, and top prize on his second.

He has since appeared on the show seven times, winning again in October 2012.

At over six feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, Edwards says his unusual appearance has won him many fans there.

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