The Married Men fired: MP Baey says there could be other ways to address issue

21 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesTampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng, who listened to the skit The Straits Times sent him, said: "The parts about beating children from poor families and doing favours for officials are inappropriate and should not be condoned but there could be other ways of addressing the issue and ensuring that they learn from their mistakes."Radio DJ Rod Monteiro and his morning show team, The Married Men, had their contract terminated last week by radio station Hot FM91.3 over a pre- recorded telephone prank.In a regular segment called Kena Pluck that aired on Thursday morning, DJ Andre Hoeden called a woman who was apparently going to take up an early childhood course. He posed as an embassy officer running a background check on her.After asking if she had ever hit children, Hoeden then gave her tips on how to beat children and said that she should beat only poor ones whose parents cannot afford to engage lawyers.He later suggested she should do "favours" for two officers to get visa approval more quickly.Mr Jamie Meldrum, senior programme director at SPH UnionWorks, which runs the station, said the segment was inappropriate and breached the terms of contract The Married Men signed with Hot FM91.3.The station had received a written complaint from a listener who took offence at the prank.Calling the skit "indefensible", Mr Meldrum said that all the station's DJs have been given strict guidelines about on-air behaviour, especially after last year's case in which a British nurse committed suicide after falling victim to an Australian radio station's telephone prank.Some listeners The Straits Times spoke to said that terminating the services of The Married Men was too drastic.Sales consultant Chen Choon Niang, 51, said the skit was clearly a joke and "the lady in the call did not sound like she was upset when she found out that she was being pranked".Monteiro did not want to comment on the termination but said: "I still need to feed my family and radio is what I do best. I am a survivor."According to the Nielsen Radio Diary Survey, Rod Monteiro and The Married Men is the second most popular morning radio show, with a 16.6 per cent market share of morning listeners.See also:Prank that got The Married Men in trouble involves mention of child abuse and molestNew act to replace canned Married Men radio show

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