Marriage in the works for Angelababy? She calls BF "husband" in private

25 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Although Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) denied registering their marriage in Las Vegas, the couple has been spending an increasing amount of time together. This week, Angelababy visited Xiaoming’s parents in Qingdao and warming up to her future-in-laws .  

After Xiaoming wrapped up filming for Cruel Romance <錦繡緣•華麗冒險> on February 7, he met up with Angelababy who has just traveled from Beijing to Shanghai. Both then headed to Qingdao, where Xiaoming’s parents live, reports Jayne Stars via

At the Qingdao airport, the couple appeared in good spirits. Xiaoming played with his cellphone and chatted with Angelababy while waiting for their luggage.

Several relatives came up to greet them, making it obvious that it was not the first time Angelababy spent time with them.

The group walked towards the exit where a Mercedes Benz car awaited them. Xiaoming’s father drove the group to a luxurious apartment beside the sea. Xiaoming, his father, and Angelababy then entered the building.

The next  day, Xiaoming, his parents and Angelababy drove to another building while carrying many gifts.  Apparently, Xiaoming’s family was bringing their future daughter-in-law to visit their friends or relatives. Tucked in Xiaoming’s arm was a plush doll, Angelababy’s handbag and a camera.

Angelababy, still wearing the same jacket as the previous day, was carrying a long-haired toy dog.

Two hours later, the family came out of the building. This time, Xiaoming’s mother was carrying Angelababy’s dog. Xiaoming was still carrying Angelababy’s handbag while she hooked her arm around him.

According to an insider, Xiaoming and Angelababy have been calling each other “husband” and “wife” in private. 

With their high-profile romance and Angelababy spending more time with Xiaoming’s parents, their actions hinted that marriage may not be far ahead for the busy couple.

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