Mandy Lieu is reportedly pregnant, and so is her BF’s wife

23 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Hong Kong model, Mandy Lieu’s relationship with Macau gambling and movie tycoon Alvin Chau has become the talk of the town once again.

Earlier, Mandy has admitted dating Alvin Chau, who is married to Chan Wai Ling, an executive at charity organization, Yan Oi Tong.

Mandy reportedly has also been lavished with a HK$90 million mansion.

Recently, rumours have been circling that the 29-year-old model is four months pregnant and is expecting a baby girl. She reportedly has returned to her hometown, Malaysia. Mandy’s manager has since confirmed the pregnancy rumours.

According to Asian Pop News, her manager said, “I won’t deny it. You will get a full picture later. She has stopped her work completely and is taking a break.

(Has she returned to Malaysia to prepare for her pregnancy?) She is not in Hong Kong now, but I am not sure where she is now.”

When asked about Mandy’s plans, her manager said, “She will give birth to her baby. There is no reason for her not to want the baby. Mandy will bear the responsibility.”

Her manager also revealed that Mandy had been feeling down after knowing that she was expecting.

“Her feelings are complicated now, and she is feeling very down because she is unsure about her current status. She is unclear about her future.”

Meanwhile, there are also reports that said that Alvin Chau’s wife is also expecting at the same time, after being spotted with a bulgy tummy recently.

Browse through the gallery to view images of the star and her BF. The first photo features Alvin Chau and his wife Chan Wai Ling.

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