Man films video in his home, and notices creepy little girl -- whom no one else can see

13 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

An Indonesian program has become a talking point among netizens as it supposedly shows a man who was filming in his home in Indonesia.

But as he was filming, he noticed a creepy little girl who was in his shot.

The girl first appeared on his rocking chair. 

When he asked the rest of the people in his home, they said they could not see her.

But, as he was panning the camera, she disappeared from the rocking chair, only to reappear on top of a dresser.

She then disappears again, and reappears on top of a cupboard. 

And, she seemingly does all this in a matter of seconds.

An Indonesian program decided to show the clip to members of the public, asking if it was true or false.

Many thought it was fake, filmed in a pause and start manner.

However, some of the people who stayed near the man claimed that the video was true.

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