Makiyo's mother passes away, aged 64

12 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Stricken with stage 4 lung cancer, the mother of Taiwanese-Japanese TV celebrity Makiyo, has passed away this morning, Jan 12.

According to Apple Daily, Lin Xiaoxia, aged 64, died in National Taiwan University Hospital at 7.40am.

Trying to hold back tears as she faced reporters, Makiyo said: 

"I hope my mother goes on a smooth path, I hope she goes to a better place, I hope to be her daughter again in our next lives."

Doctors had already told Makiyo to be mentally prepared, as her mother weaved in and out of consciousness while hospitalised. 

They told her that Lin had only 8 months to live in 2013.

According to earlier reports, her illness had initially started to change for the better as she underwent treatment, but then she had a fall at home a few days ago. They then found a 4-cm tumour in her brain as well.

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