Lynn Hung attends Aaron Kwok's concert to dispel breakup rumours

22 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

With news that Lynn Hung had moved out of a shared home with Aaron Kwok, rumours were rife that they had parted ways. Also, Christine Kuo was reported to have captured Aaron’s heart, igniting questions over his future with Lynn.On Monday however, Lynn squashed all rumors by appearing at Aaron’s concert, looking as blissful as ever, reports an article in Popular Asians.Although her absence during opening night fueled break-up rumors, Lynn fulfilled her earlier promise and attended Aaron’s second performance on Monday, March 18.Lynn purchased four tickets with her own money and brought her mother and assistants to enjoy the show. Lynn appeared excited throughout the concert, waving her glow sticks and snapping photos with her phone like a young fan. Aaron seemed aware that his girlfriend and future mother-in-law were in the audience. He looked cheerful and gave an energetic performance. During the concert, Aaron walked past Lynn’s section while hand-shaking with fans in the audience. He suddenly turned around and waved at Lynn’s direction, causing the crowd to stir. Aaron professed his love for Lynn throughout the night, saying “You are my only one‘ and adding a quick “I love you!‘ The highlight of the evening came when Aaron belted out “Never Ending Love‘ while staring at Lynn. Lynn looked absolutely in bliss and remained cheerful even when surrounded by reporters and Aaron’s fans after the show.

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