Lynn Hung announces break up with Aaron Kwok?

18 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Has Lynn Hung (熊黛林) subtly announced her break up with Aaron Kwok (郭富城)?Oriental Daily reported that Lynn posted a photo on Weibo of a ring on her left hand pinky finger yesterday. Such usually indicates a breakup.She also wrote, “A present to give myself blessings for a new beginning.‘¦‘ The photo and message were widely interpreted as Lynn’s announcement that she broke off her 7-year relationship with Aaron.On April 4, she posted a photograph of her two dogs with the message, “With the both of you, I can go through anything.‘ Two days later, she followed up with, “Assumption. It’s always assumption. Assuming you can, assuming you are strong. Assuming you won’t mind. But those have been branded in your heart for a long time. Perhaps you just realized it too late.‘Last month, Aaron has also renamed his race horse from “Love River‘ to “Love Warrior‘. It was previously claimed that Aaron had named the horse “Love River‘ to demonstrate his love for Lynn. The name change may be an indication of a rocky relationship gone awry.Aaron and Lynn met while filming the music video for “Kid of Wind‘ in 2006. Their love relationship started from their kiss in the video. Despite their 15-year age difference and the negativity from the public, they maintained a strong bond. While they, were dating, it was also rumoured that Aaron had a brief fling with Mango Wong in 2009, and recently on March 18, the Hong Kong media reported that he had fallen for Christine Kuo while filming a PCCW mobile ad together. Aaron’s Porche GT3 sports car was also reported to be spotted outside of Christine’s building on several nights.Related:Lynn Hung attends Aaron Kwok's concert to dispel breakup rumoursDid Christine Kuo steal Aaron Kwok from Lynn Hung?Did Aaron Kwok propose to gf Lynn Hung at Maldives date?Aaron Kwok to marry Lynn Hung this yearAaron Kwok acknowledges relationship with Lynn Hung

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