Is love or friendship more important? Tosh Zhang reveals his thoughts over this dilemma

11 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

He may possess the suave look that gets girls crooning over him, but does that make Tosh Zhang a good kisser?

That question was on the minds of many when he got his first on-screen smooch with co-star Eva Cheng in the new Jack Neo movie, The Lion Men, reported RazorTV.

At a press conference to promote the movie, Cheng was asked to rate Zhang's kiss, and gave a cheeky reply to the answer.

"I think Xiao Yu (her character in the movie) would give Shi Shen (Zhang's character) full marks," she said as she nodded her head with a smile.

Zhang was also asked about what he will do if he had to choose between a girl and his close friend, who may also be in love with her, after this scenario was played out in the movie with him, Cheng and co-star Wang WeiLiang.

"If my good friend and I fall for the same girl, I'll give her up," he mused.

"I won't allow a girl to come between our 'brotherhood' because girlfriends come and go -- you may not end up marrying her -- but friends are forever."

Jack Neo's The Lion Men is the first of a two-part series and is currently showing in cinemas. The second instalment is slated to be released later this year.

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