Louis Koo shrugs off 'Disaster Magnet' label after latest on-set injury

20 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Despite being labelled a 'disaster magnet' after sustaining yet another injury in the midst of filming, Louis Koo has cooly shrugged it off as part and parcel of the job.

The 42-year-old Hong Kong actor hurt his hand while on the set of Out of the Inferno 3D, when he shoved Malaysian costar Angelica Lee out of the way of a falling sheet of metal.

He was handed the label due to his previous injury record -- Koo has also broken a leg and got injured on his arm in the line of work throughout his 19-year career, reported My Paper.

However, he was philosophical about the label, saying: "Isn't life itself full of risks?"

"In this movie at least, I've to go throguh fire, submerge underwater and fly in the sky...so it's envitable that I am exposed to a higher risk of injury.

"I may work hard by putting my health on the line, but I also acknowledge that safety is the number one priority."

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