Local singer's surprise birthday celebration for his mother turns into cockroach nightmare

10 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

A local singer was left fuming after a surprise birthday dinner he co-organised for his mother became a nightmare due to a series of screw-ups, including the appearance of a cockroach on the dining table.

According to a Lianhe Wanbao report, HagenTroy (陈俊达) had booked a Western cuisine restaurant together with his younger sister for his mother's 60th birthday, and invited family members and his mother's friends which numbered over a hundred altogether.

When he arrived at the restaurant, he was shocked to find that some of the lights were faulty but what irked him more was what he felt was unprofessionalism from the restaurant.

Not only did staff members display a poor service attitude -- he cited one example of them asking HagenTroy to settle the bill even before the end of the party -- their food was also served cold.

What made HagenTroy fume even more was the appearance of a cockroach that climbed onto his dining table.

Recounting the incident to the newspaper, he said: "My mother was worried that the guests may see the cockroach, so she went out to kill the cockroach herself."

He added that when the cockroach was moving towards the table, some of the guests had seen it but all the service staff did when they saw the pest was to say 'sorry' to the mother before changing the food on the table.

"Tell me how embarassing was that?", he asked.

On the back of all this, HagenTroy refused to settle the bill for the party.

Prior to the party, he had paid 50% of the total bill as a deposit.

He was given a discount when they surfaced their thoughts on the service attitude and food quality to the management but after he saw the cockroach, he refused to pay the remainder of the bill.

"This is not about money. (My family and) I can afford it. It's the horrendous service that was hard to take", he explained.

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