Local singer Ming Bridges reveals secret to her svelte figure

15 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

It may come as a surprise that local Eurasian singer Ming Bridges finds it hard to wear a bikini, considering she has a svelte figure.

While she wore a bathing suit in the music video for her latest single, Summer Love, she tells RazorTV that she would rather write songs for that is something which "comes very naturally" for her.

"Even though I'm very comfortable in my own skin, it (wearing a bikini) is something that takes some getting used to," she mused.

"I think it's the same with everyone though. You wear it on and go like, 'Is something not right?'"

She also revealed her secret to getting the figure that lots of women will be envious of.

"I've done a lot of research on raw vegan diet and I've seen so many Youtube videos of 75-year-old women who look like they're 30 and I wanted to look like that so basically, I tried it.

Her diet programme started 28 days before the shoot of the video, and saw her avoid food and products of animal origin, and eat food cooked under a temperature of 48 degress celsius.

But, she has since gone back on a normal diet to avoid being 'anti-social' at dinners.

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