'Little Psy' meets up with the pretty girls of KARA

10 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

‘˜Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo snapped a friendly photo with girl group KARA.According to an article in Daily K-pop News, the young entertainer recently shared a photo on his Twitter and wrote, “I met KARA noonas in the waiting room at Japan’s Fuji TV. It was nice to meet them in Japan. They are very pretty!‘In the photo, Hwang Min Woo is enjoying a special meetup with the lovely ladies of KARA, and they are smiling warmly for the camera. He also gave the group his debut single “Show+Time‘ which was released back in March. Photos in the gallery show Little Psy's meetup with KARA members, while the rest of the gallery shows more pictures of Little Psy and KARA members.

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