'Little Psy' cried when netizens launched racial abuse at his mother

9 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Hwang Min Woo, otherwise known as Little Psy, has spoken up on how he felt about hate comments.It was earlier reported that the police are set to investigate alleged online attacks of a racism nature aimed at the seven-year-old performer and it seems that he wasn't the only one who was subjected to the abuse.According to an allkpop report, SBS‘˜ ‘˜One Night of TV Entertainment‘˜ interviewed Little Psy on their May 8 episode, and Hwang revealed: “When I see hate comments, I get upset. But I can deal with hate comments that are aimed towards me. But I cried a lot when I saw hate comments that were directed at my mom.‘Hwang comes from a parentage of mixed heritage -- his father is Korean while his mother is Vietnamese -- and that lineage been the focus of bigoted and racist comments left on his label's homepage.The interviewer asked him, “Aren’t you scared of standing on stage because of all these hate comments?“, and Hwang Min Woo answered bravely, “I’m not scared. I like dancing, so I think I should work harder. People say that I only dance and I can’t study because I’m always singing and dancing. But I’m studying really hard, too. I even became the class president recently.“Hwang's record label are understood to be considering their legal options pending the uncovering of, additional evidence.

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