Lindsay Lohan's father thinks she needs daily therapy

30 March 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Lindsay Lohan's father wants her placed under a conservatorship.Michael Lohan believes the troubled actress - who is due to return to rehab in May - shouldn't be in control of her own affairs, but insists he doesn't want to be the person put in charge.He said: "Lindsay's life is out of control. She's living at friends' places, not working and has no one good standing my her. I'd raise the motion of a conservatorship but I don't want control of her money - are you kidding? I'd want the court to appoint the appropriate people."Lindsay agreed to return to rehab for 90 days in a plea deal relating to charges connected with a car accident last June, but Michael is unhappy that his daughter doesn't have to check into a facility for some time as he fears it may be too late for her.He added in an interview with Now magazine: "What the judge has done with an order for 90 days in lockdown is a good thing - Lindsay needs to get her life back on track. The problem is, they gave her until May 2 to find a place."They should've put her in a facility immediately. Lindsay needs daily therapy to address her problems. She needs to be given the chance to get better under supervision."I won't stop shouting for my daughter to get help. If you want to save her life, put her in rehab now. If she doesn't go, the consequences are unthinkable."

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