Linda Chung stuns in wedding gown -- but it's cost of dress that's startling

3 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Linda Chung and Alex Fong promoted the series, Limelight Years and held their wedding ceremony in the church. 

Linda Chung wore the wedding gown that was worth $100,000 and took the carriage together with Liza Wang to the church, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Linda and Alex forgot their dialogues and Linda laughed at him and said:

"I know Sean Song acted by Alex Fong has many shortcomings. His face shape is too 'V' and he shows off many muscles. It does not matter if he has many leg hair. Because I do!"

At the scene, everybody was laughing and this host requested them to kiss, but Linda was embarrassed and took a step backward in front of Alex.

Finally, they kissed with a film in between.

Linda accepted the interview and explained when filming the series, Limelight Years, she could not focus on the role and felt embarrassed when needed to kiss Alex.

She said:

"But I did not request to kiss with the film in between."

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