Linda Chung responds to comments of her exaggerated acting: 'I was just copying Taylor Swift'

7 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Linda Chung was injured during the filming of Tiger Cubs II, but she still went back to work for the filming of the new TVB series Big Pharmacy.

According to an article in Asian Fanatics, although Linda was still bandaged up, she said she is feeling better although her parents were very worried.

Her father felt bad for her and cried. "He said I looked like a live fish falling on the ground. My mom said she saw a huge bruise on my forehead, but luckily that was just make up."

Netizens have commented that Linda's acting in the Brother's Keeper is too exaggerated.

But to these comments, she said she is not affected by them at all.

She said she had referred to American singer Taylor Swift's character and thus added the English phrases "Oh My God" and "Really" into her lines.

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